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You've been invited to be on a card game

Marie Forleo
Because of your impact on the global pop culture of entrepreneurship, we'd like to invite you to be a character in the new party game for entrepreneurs, SideHustle.

A girl once said, "It's like Apple to Apples meets Shark Tank".

Thousands of entrepreneurs around the world will be playing this game by Christmas and hopefully, one day,  millions.

Our simple "ask" is to help inspire creativity in entrepreneurs playing the game by submitting an imaginary business name that players will pitch!

We're not looking for anything more than that! No promotion required, no money, and very little of your time (15 minutes).
(Example card for illustration purposes only)
Here's what your card could look like – your face, name, social handle, and an imaginary business name of your choosing.

So you have context for how to come up with your imaginary business name, let me explain the rules real quick...


1) Separate into 4 teams: 1 "Investor" and 3 "Entrepreneurs".

2) The Investor draws a business card and rolls the 12-sided dice to determine the industry.

3) The Investor says, "Hey Entrepreneurs, your business is called _________ and your industry is ____________"

4) The Entrepreneurs have 2 minutes to collaborate with their partner before they pitch. The goal is to pitch an idea that’s both funny and fundable.

5) The investor determines which pitch earns the funny card, fundable card, or both!

6) The role of the investor rotates each round and the first team to earn 5 cards wins the game!

Inspiration for Your card's business name

The whole goal of this game is for players to pitch ideas that are both funny & fundable, so be playful with your business name :-)
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Austin Distel
Not a real business
Austin Distel
Sounds like a real business
Austin Distel
Fit into any industry
Austin Distel
Less than 13 characters long
Austin Distel
Appropriate for ages 12+

Questions? Ready to be on a game card?
Chat us!

We believe this game will spark a lot of creativity, laugher, and bonding with the people closest to them. We're excited about the possibility for you be a part of that entrepreneurship culture!

If that excites you too, please chat us on this page or email us directly at founders@pitchdeck.games and one of the SideHustle founders will walk you through the next steps.

**This will not take more than 15 minutes of your time.**

All we need is a confirmation you would like to be in the game & receive the business name you'd like on  your game card (You're welcome to use the example name on your card as well).

Thank you and we look forward to chatting,

Austin, Tim, Darby
SideHustle™️ founders
Austin Distel
Austin Distel
Austin Distel
Tim Palladino
Austin Distel
Darby Rollins
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Tuesday September 24th, 11am EST
"It's kinda like Apples to Apples meets Shark Tank!"
- Randi in Austin, TX