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Unleash Your Creativity!

Great for game night,  brainstorming and getting the creative juices flowing!

What's sidehustle®?

"Want to lure in investors to help launch your brand? You better be able to deliver a killer pitch. SideHustle® teaches players how to do just that. Players get a mere two minutes to pitch an idea to "investors" and answer any questions they may have. What's the catch? You have no idea what you're pitching or even the industry until the investor draws a card. And, of course, the cards are totally zany.

SideHustle® is one of those fun games that's all about teamwork and brainstorming. It helps boost creative thinking, which, in turn, leads to innovation. Although the cards are crazy (um, Monkey Butter?), they make you think outside the box. And with a straight game-face, you'll need to sell your billion-dollar idea to the investors. The team with the most innovative pitches wins! Best of all, the game takes less than an hour to play."
- | April 6, 2021
"Learn the Secret to Building a Winning Strategy: 8 Fun Games for Aspiring Entrepreneurs of All Ages"

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to love SideHustle.
All that matters is your witty, unchained imagination.


sidehustle live!

Watch Molly Mahoney (@thepreparedpreformer) play SideHustle® as she pitches TrustLabs in the Home Goods industry!

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Joel RunYon

"It's just a fun way to sit around and connect with different people and have fun as. Having weird, crazy ideas, and then just like letting it go and moving on to the next weird, crazy idea that you're going to do."

Alex Steeno

"SideHustle is a great mechanism to not only have fun and get to know your coworkers and friends but also to do something that's a little bit disarming while still exercising your mind and challenging you to think about things in new ways."

Sally Todd

"One of the biggest challenges I've seen in the workplace is creating a culture where people can bring new ideas up to other people. After playing SideHustle, I definitely saw a different side of them (co-workers). More of the creative side."

Kyle Robins

Listen to copywriter and mustache enthusiast Kyle Robins' 30 second take on SideHustle, what he thinks about the game, and who it's for.

TL;DR: What's Sidehustle?

The Party Game for Entrepreneurs!

  • SideHustle® is the perfect game for adults, teens and kids who love shows like Shark Tank and games like Apples to Apples.
  • “I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person, but I won and laughed the hardest I have in a long time!” - Jen
  • A family and work friendly game that will have you pitching ideas, laughing and get your creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe you’ll even come up with the next billion dollar idea?!
  • The perfect business gift or team building activity. Help Students and teammates get their creative juices flowing and practice speaking up and joining in!
  • This gift favorite take no time to learn, 30-40 minutes to play, is for 4+ players (ages 8+) and includes 240 cards, 1 die, 4 sketch pads and pencils, and a 2 minute sand timer

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