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“We believe business should be both fun AND fundable.”

Life-long entrepreneurs Austin Distel, Tim Palladino, and Darby Rollins are out doing what entrepreneurs do best: finding a problem and solving it.

These three friends reside in Austin, Texas and this past summer decided to team up to create a new game that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship in a creative and productive way.

“We believe business should be both fun and fundable,” says Austin Distel, co-founder of Pitch Deck who also leads the marketing team at Proof, a Y-Combinator-backed tech startup. 

"Most entrepreneurs have this large divide between work life and social life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Entrepreneurship is a team sport. With the right community and activities, you can find deeper connection with the people closest to you in your life.”

SideHustle does that by creating an engaging environment among family, friends, and co-workers.

The ‘Party Game for Entrepreneurs’ serves as a tool that sparks creativity and connection while building a community of like-minded, creative, ambitious people.

The future is bright for this startup and plans are already in motion to expand the brand with game expansions, podcasts, in-person events and much more to impact entrepreneurs and the way we play business around the globe.

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